What began as casual conversations between an instructional technologist with a passion for multimodal storytelling and a librarian with a love of art and the creative process sparked an experimental journey of inquiry. Through a series of recorded conversations, Tammy and Brianna, discuss passions, artistic endeavors, artistic processes, collaboration, technology, and scholarship through its various forms. The aim is to spark innovation inside or outside of the classroom and encourage others to expand on the existing methods of inquiry. We hope What’s Happening? will serve as a creative and educational space for community, conversation, and innovation for inquisitive minds. 

By using SPLOTS, a WordPress theme, we invite you to join in the act of inquiry to further engage in our conversation. SPLOTS is an open source platform that doesn’t ask participants to sign in or provide any additional information. SPLOTS is a great platform, for What’s Happening? is a call to inquiry. We are also keenly aware of the long tail of digital project maintenance and management. We are using workflows to capture metadata and manage files, and we are using an established ontology to make sense of our digital files. We will publish our data as Linked Data for machine querying of our data.

We invite guests to engage in our weekly discussions, build on the thought process, or write programs to interpret or make sense of our conversations. We hope to cultivate an appreciation for managing content for reuse and a love of mixing and mashing ideas. The goal is a metamorphosis of idea sharing among humans and machines.